Washing Machine issues


Inspect the machine 

First figure out what the issue is. The most common issue is when the machine doesnt empty the water inside . This is usually due to the pump getting jammed due to somthing which was within the clothes and is preventing the pump pumping out water . If this happens the pump must be opened to remove what ver part has stopped t working .   


Other more serious issues:

There are mantypes of issues which may affect the running of a machine. If there are majour leaks from the from and under neath this could be from a number of possible issues from seal to somthing else . In this situation email your fault to the maintenance team .    

  • Always check there are no items in your pockets or shirt collars which may block the pump 
  • Be cautious of what you are washing and how to wash 
  • Do not wash at times that will disturb other residents and/or cause problems
  • Use the machine responsibly and not keep it running non stop without brreak
  • Serious issues should be reported to the maintenance team