Water Leak and related issues

Water leak & damp related problems

Issues relating to water leaks

Our team of general builders and building engineers use time proven technieques in all aspects of our own developed propertys . In the event that you experience water leaks anywhere within your apartment you should contact us immediatly at maintenance@kpltd.co.uk   .

Water can be a tricky issue , as it doesnt have to be from your flat to cause you nuisance . The most common places to experience water related issues , is in the bathroom & kitchen . These can be  somthing minor such as a blockage in drain caused by hair or debris causing overflow to somthing more serious . please check drainage for blockage if this is applicable to your issue and try to remove hair/debris. showers usually come with a trap that can be lifted out to clean .

Condensation & related problems

In all studios and apartments we fit ventilation ports on at least one of the walls . These can usually be opened or closed using from the front face by lifting into up position or lower into down position . The purpose of these units , is to allow excess condensation an area from which it can escape . If unable to vent , condensation will attempt to build up on cold walls causing wet areas and in some situations damp (dark color) marks to appear .This situation must be rectified by allowing the air vent to do its job. simply put in to open position , this will make a huge diffrence . please contact us at maintenance@kpltd.co.uk  

  • Always report water related problems as soon as possible .